Jon Slaughter presents "You Never Know What Floor You'll Land On"

A once-time vocal performance major with a penchant for writing and publishing grabs the opportunity to relocate to Chico to “market” the Associated Students.  That initial “step” has now spanned 33 years landing Jon on many professional and personal “floors.”  The common thread throughout his multi-decade journey is the undeniable inspiration and gratitude garnered from the knowledge that it’s an honorable profession that we are in together “doing good work” to support student success and enrich the college life experience.

Join the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center (CCLC) for our Passing on the Legacy Higher Education Series as we hear more from Jon Slaughter and his personal journey within higher education on Wednesday, March 26 @ 12PM-1PM in BMU 210.

The Higher Education Speaker Series is designed to give entry-level to mid-level professionals an opportunity to gain a greater insight into leadership at the executive level.  Senior Management Professionals will present on their journey in Higher Education and the lessons learned through their career.

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