CSU Affordable Learning Solutions webinar on March 18th will showcase Cal Poly Pomona's AL$ program and Thuze

A key goal of the CSU’s Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) initiative (http://als.csuprojects.org)  is to support faculty choosing quality course materials that are more affordable for their students. This webinar series is designed to support your campus communities implementing your own AL$ activities.

The AL$ Rent Digital program offers students the option to rent digital versions of textbooks at a cost savings of 60% or more off the price of purchasing the new print textbook http://als.csuprojects.org/rent_digital_etextbooks .  Through CSU’s agreements with Barnes & Noble, Cengage Learning, CourseSmart, , Follett, Milestone Documents, SAGE, Thuze, VitalSource, and W.W. Norton & Co.,   faculty and students have access to about 45,000 popular e-textbooks at discounted prices. 

This webinar will showcase Cal Poly Pomona’s AL$ program, and it will introduce a new publisher/partner, Thuze, and their services to the rent digital program. 

Topic:    Cal Poly Pomona AL$ program and Thuze, a rent digital publishing affiliate


Date & Time:  Tuesday, March 18th  from 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Online Access:  via Collaborate http://bit.ly/1gx7Eun

Don’t forget to have your headset ready to plug in.  We will be using Collaborate for audio and visual presentations.  Google Chrome browser not recommended.

If you have any questions, please contact als@cdl.org or Laura Sederberg at 898-4326, or James Tyler at 898-6779