CSU, Chico Employees in Need of Donated Leave Credits

  • GREGORY BLANKENSHIP (Staff, Facilities Management and Services)
  • GARY BONIFACIUS (Staff, University Housing and Food Services)
  • NEIL HOPKINS (Staff, Facilities Management and Services)
  • BRIAN REINHARDT (Staff, Counseling & Wellness Center)*
  • FIDELINA VALENCIA DE LOPEZ (Staff, University Housing and Food Services)
  • SHAWN WRIGHT (Staff, University Housing and Food Services)

*Only vacation credits may be donated for purpose of family care leave.


If you wish to donate leave credits, you will need to sign the a donation form - which is available at the Human Resources Service Center (Kendall 220).   BECAUSE YOUR SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED, YOUR DONATIONS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED OVER THE PHONE OR VIA E-MAIL.

Per Catastrophic Leave Program guidelines, only the Benefits and Workers’ Compensation Unit or a union representative may solicit for Catastrophic Leave donations; solicitation by any other party is prohibited.