Summer Season at the Gateway Starts May 24

Don’t miss the new and improved exhibits on display at the Gateway Science Museum beginning May 24! We will be taking you on a journey that promises to be enlightening and engaging, as you explore California’s past and present – from local medical practices to evolutionary biology. Exhibits include:


Highlights of this new exhibit include tools and equipment used by Dr. Newton Thomas Enloe, who founded Enloe Hospital in 1913. This engaging exhibit will increase awareness of your own body and health, as you investigate medical practices, past and present.


Imitate the mating song of a fly, take on the identity of a chimp, and investigate microscopic transformations! interactive exhibit from the University of Oklahoma gives visitors an opportunity to experience how scientists conduct research on evolution.

CHANGING CALIFORNIA – Geological and Ecological Transformations

Take a journey through time with us as you explore transformations in Northern California and investigate the impact of invasive plant and animal life, transferal of disease, species adaptations, implications to our modern ecosystem and much more. 

For more information, please visit or call 530-898-4121.