Hug an Art Work: Fun, Free and Interactive Play at the University Art Gallery

Don's miss an exciting week of artist performances and public engagement projects presented by the University Art Gallery.

Performance Space/Play Space

Monday, March 21

Cameron Kelly: Hug Your Center: Keep the Light On

Meriam Library breezeway


Artist Cameron Kelly’s playful sculpture invites participants to emotionally and physically consider their campus environment as a center for learning. Intentionally sited at the Meriam Library--a symbol of learning and knowledge—the brightly colored, hand-quilted sculpture emits soothing sounds and lights up when squeezed.


Tuesday, March 22 

Trevor Lalaguna: Postings

In his series Postings, artist Trevor Lalaguna examines the role of banal objects whose function is to serve the wellbeing of others. Physically assuming the role of these inanimate objects such as a bench, a garbage can, and a light pole, the artist becomes a utilitarian sculptural prop integrated into the campus surroundings.

Postings is presented at various locations throughout the Chico State campus: 

8-10am, near the creek behind Selvester's Cafe, 

2-4pm, in the BMU/Trinity Commons area

8-10pm, TBA


Search Party: C-Tours organized by students from Arts 371

Trinity Hall 100


Search Party: C-Tours have been designed by students from ARTS 371 Mixed Media Intermediate Sculpture course with Professor Sheri Simons. Based on the Situationist idea of the derive (literally “drifting”), the student-led tours examine the city as a place of action, authentic experience, feedback and change.  To read more about  the six different tours  and reserve a space visit: University Art Gallery webpage

Tours are limited to 5 or 6 participants and will begin at Trinity Hall 100. 


Wednesday, March 23

Raphael Noz: Engaging the Beautiful

What is beautiful, where do you find it? I have heard that Cal State Chico is a beautiful campus: where do you find beauty on campus? Is there a view you pass, a place you pause or a site of a personal story? Walk with me and guide me to it. We can talk for a bit, you can describe it to me, and I’ll make a drawing of it while we’re there. Oh, by the way, I won’t be using my eyes- they’ll be covered by my crown.



For his performance at Chico State, San Francisco-based artist Raphael Noz will explore the subjectivity of beauty through his performance persona Cortezuma, a king physically blinded by the crown he wears. Participants will be invited to lead Cortezuma to a specific location of their choosing on the Chico State campus where the artist will make drawings of the sites based on the descriptions provided by each guide. The collected drawings will be presented at the University Art Gallery in Trinity Hall, March 24 – 25, 2016.


Thursday, March 24

Melissa Wyman: Collaborative Combative Drawing

Trinity Hall 100


Bay Area artist Melissa Wyman will lead a performance workshop, coaching students in effective martial arts/self-defense techniques to be used in a collaborative drawing exercise. Participants will try to physically outmaneuver a partner while attempting to complete a representation of their personal power designs. Frustrating and exhilarating, the workshop will result in surprisingly dynamic, collaborative works. Students from CMST 233: Foundations of Interpersonal Communications with Professor Michelle Givertz and ARTS 125 Basic Drawing with lecturer Joshua Olivera will be participating.

Audience welcome.


Artist Panel: Public Engagement and Performance Art

Panel discussion with artists Cameron Kelly, Trevor Lalaguna, Raphael Noz and Melissa Wyman, moderated by Rachel Middleman, Assistant Professor of Art History.

Colusa Hall 100B 6-7pm, reception to follow at the University Art Gallery, Trinity 100

Performance Space/Play Space is presented in conjunction with the Humanities Center, College of Humanities and Fine Arts, California State University, Chico.

All events are free and open to the public.

Performance Space/Play Space is funded in part by Instructionally Related Activities fees.

For more information, please contact Kelly Lindner, University Art Gallery,