Add something new to your syllabus! The Associated Students Child Development Lab is a great opportunity!

Have you learned something new from a child lately?
The Associated Students Child Development Lab, a partnership between the Department of Child Development and the Associated Students, invites you to creatively reinforce teaching for your students through assignments involving observation of infants and young children in the ASCDL.  The ASCDL is a state licensed, on-campus learning lab located in the AJH and Modoc buildings. The infant observation room is equipped with video monitors and microphones which allow the students real time observation opportunities of infants. Students can also utilize the observation room that is attached to an ASCDL preschool classroom. It is equipped with a one-way mirror, microphones to hear children’s conversations, cameras with the ability to record and zoom, capacity for 36 students and a smaller side room to watch the children in the play yard. Additionally, students can interact one-on-one with children and conduct research in the infant, toddler, and preschool rooms.  These lab classrooms can be used as a one-time experience for your students or you can use them as part of an entire semester’s curriculum. Faculty research is also welcome.

Contact Valerie Singleton at, the Child Development Department office at 898-5250 or visit our web site at  for more information. ​