The Unsung Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement. Feb. 5th

Often times when we think of the Civil Rights Movement, we automatically think of Dr. King and Rosa Parks. These two heroes fought for Civil Rights and worked for social justice, but what about the rest of the? There are so many more heroes who brought about change during the Civil Rights Movement but sadly they are left out of our History.  

Join the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center in exploring some of those unsung heroes from the Civil Rights Movement every Wednesday in February from 3:00PM- 4:30PM. We will explore a new hero every week to try and gain a better understanding of the efforts put forth during the Civil Rights Movement.

This workshop will take place Wednesday February 5th, 12th,19th, and 26th (every Wednesday of February) in The Cross-Cultural Leadership Center located in Meriam Library 172 across from the BMU Market Place. If you have any questions please contact Julia Walker (530) 898-4101