Conversations on Diversity & Inclusion: Is it Me, or Are You Racist?

Conversations on Diversity & Inclusion

Is it Me, or Are You Racist?

Facilitated by Dr. Juni Banerjee-Stevens, Counseling and Wellness Center

Wednesday, November 16

NOON-1:00 PM | BMU 210


Why is it so hard to talk about race in America? In our current climate, it is critical that we keep a dialogue open about bias and discrimination. But these topics bring up very personal stories that often trigger emotions that derail the conversation. Let’s talk about how to identify and manage our emotions so that we can keep the conversation going.


Bring your lunch and join us!


Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion is a series of discussions sponsored by

the Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies, the Gender and Sexuality Equity Center,

and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion For more information contact the

Office of Diversity and Inclusion at 898-4764.