Campus EAP for Self-Help and Counseling


Did you know that our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for (state) employees offers self-help on many topics? The website guide shares a summary of the online tools available to you, including:

  • Educational information
  • Care resources
  • Self-help tips
  • Videos
  • Interactive tools


Password: csuchico

Need to talk?

Call LifeMatters (1-800-367-7474) – available 24/7!  Licensed counselors answer all calls and will begin to discuss the situation in order to determine options for you.  Simply request a referral to a local counselor.

Additional Reasons to use LifeMatters Services

  • Stress
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Family or relationship concerns (for anyone in your home)
  • Legal and financial questions
  • Use the concierge service to find a health care provider, moving service, child or elder care service, and more
  • Any other issue of importance in your life!

More Information About LifeMatters

  • 24/7 telephone assessment/counseling intake: 800-367-7474 (company: csuchico)
  • Additional resources at (enter company password: csuchico)
  • Review the services offered

Need Help?

Information is available online and general questions can be forwarded to the Human Resources Service Center, (530) 898-6771 or ext. 4645.