CSU, Chico Employees in Need of Donated Leave Credits

The following employees are in need of donated leave credits:


  • Yvette Streeter (Staff, Environmental Health & Safety)
  • Michael Murray (Staff, Information Technology Support Services)
  • Paul Smith (Staff, Telecommunications Services)
  • Debbie Hawkins (Staff, Facilities Management and Services)
  • Melanee Grondahl (Staff, Chico Student Success Center)
  • Cinnamon McDonald (Staff, Academic Eval./Office of the Registrar)

If you wish to donate leave credits, you will need to sign a donation form – which is available at the Human Resources Service Center (Kendall 220). Your signature is required, so donations cannot be accepted over the phone or via email.


Per the Catastrophic Leave Program guidelines, only the Leaves and Workers’ Compensation Unit or a union representative may solicit for Catastrophic Leave donations; solicitation by any other party is prohibited.


If you have questions, please contact the Leaves and Workers’ Compensation Unit, x 4670.