CSU, Chico Employees in Need of Donated Leave Credits

Any CSU, Chico state employee who accrues vacation and/or sick leave may voluntarily donate up to 40 hours (except for Unit 1 employees who are limited to donating 16 hours) per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) to any eligible employees on the CSU, Chico campus, regardless of bargaining unit or employee category.  Associated Students employees and University Foundation employees are not eligible to donate leave credits to CSU employees.

The following employees are in need of donated leave credits:

  • GREG HARDY (Staff, Facilities Management and Services)
  • JAMES LOWE (Staff, Mail)
  • TERRIE MAYS (Staff, Student Records and Registration)*
  • CARI PHIPPS (Staff, Degree Audit Programming)

* Only vacation credits may be donated for purpose of family care leave.

If you wish to donate leave credits, you will need to sign the a donation form - which is available at the Human Resources Service Center (Kendall 220).   BECAUSE YOUR SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED, YOUR DONATIONS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED OVER THE PHONE OR VIA E-MAIL.

Per Catastrophic Leave Program guidelines, only the Benefits and Workers’ Compensation Unit or a union representative may solicit for Catastrophic Leave donations; solicitation by any other party is prohibited.