Employee and Dependent Fee Waivers Due May 2

Time is running out!  This is the last week to submit fee waiver applications for both Summer and Fall 2014 semesters for employees or their dependents.  The CSU, Chico Employee Fee Waiver Application filing period ends this Friday, May 2, 2014.


Please download our most recent forms that have been updated to collect required information and follow the instructions online:


CSU, Chico Employees

Details about the fee waiver program, instructions and options are available online.  One application form is required for each term of enrollment.  As a reminder, course fees can be waived for up to two courses, but the maximum amount of release time an employee can request is equal to one course.  Return completed forms to the Human Resources Services Center, Kendall Hall Room 220, campus zip 0010, by Friday, May 2, 2014.  


When Students Attend Other CSUs

  1. The employee completes the Fee Waiver form from their campus of employment, and submits it to the campus of employment.
  2. After the employee’s eligibility is confirmed, the home campus fee waiver coordinator will send it to the sister CSU fee waiver coordinator.  Once there, the coordinator begins the process to establish student/course eligibility and waiver/reduction of fees.
  3. It is important to know the fee waiver deadlines for both the employee’s campus and the student’s campus.  Submit the fee waiver in time to meet which ever deadline is earlier.


Summer Courses

Most summer courses at CSU, Chico are not state-funded and, as such, do not qualify for the fee waiver program.  Courses during summer terms at other CSU campuses may or may not be state-funded.  Please check with the campus offering the course to confirm.  For qualifying state-funded courses at CSU, Chico, view the Class Schedule > Summer 2014 Session > Limited State Support


More Information

If you have questions, please review the website, e-mail feewaivers@csuchico.edu, or call ext. 6771.