Important FRES Deadlines Approaching

- Facilities Reservations: Deadline is March 7th, 2014  for Multiday Summer Program Request. This does not include single day requests or meetings, multiday programs only. (link to FRES website with info listed on FRES news update)

  • Please do NOT resubmit Multiday Summer Programs or any other Summer 2014 Requests that have already been submitted, we are working on scheduling all programs now.

- Facilities Reservations: Deadline for events is on April 1st, 2014 for Space & Equipment Requests (FERF) for all events from April 21st – May 22nd .

- (Visit Facilities Reservations at

  • Any equipment requests after April 1st will not be accepted, this includes changes to current equipment requests.
  • Equipment quantities are limited, please submit for specific needs only