Save WATER and Reduce WASTE when you purchase RECYCLED PAPER!

The CSU Chico Campus Conservation Committee (CCC) is asking you to do your part to save water and reduce waste by purchasing a minimum 30% recycled paper.


“Every ton of recycled paper substituted for non-recycled paper saves 12 (newspaper) to 24 trees (office papers) and a significant amount of energy and water that otherwise would be required to make paper from trees. Recycled paper also reduces air pollutants, a byproduct of paper production." -Susan Kinsella, Conservatree


To purchase 30% recycled copy paper (8½ x 11) from the Office Max contract, please select: #P1OM55957 $3.64/ream—it’s only $0.37 more per ream compared to non-recycled.

For more information about CCC recommendations for 2012-2013, please go to the Waste Reduction Recommendations Report.