Surplus Furniture Available for Campus Re-Use

The surplus warehouse will be open this Friday, May 5th from 1-3 p.m. for Chico State Staff and Faculty for campus re-use.  These items may only be used for your respective department.  Please come and see us at the Surplus Warehouse located in the  Facilities Management and Services yard.  Please note that due to safety concerns, no personal vehicles will be permitted in the yard.

Feel free to take the smaller items you selected in your department vehicle.  All other items will be held for 5 working days.  If the item(s) are not picked up after the 5 working days or if a FMS Service Request has not been submitted, the item(s) will be returned to inventory.

For your safety, no open toed shoes or sandals will be permitted.

If you would like additional information about Property Management please visit our Website or call X: 5176.