Work Study Training and Summer Process


We invite student payroll attendance clerks (and their alternates) to attend this important training session on Federal Work Study eligibility, hiring, and tracking.  Financial Aid will explain the budgeting process, the cross-over of academic and fiscal years, how to track work study availability for the students you hire, and include the summer work study process.



  • Gain access to appropriate PeopleSoft screens
  • Understand information in the PeopleSoft financial aid screens that display a student’s work study total
  • Recognize the importance of checking student’s eligibility (monthly) prior to paying work study
  • Interpret communications you may receive
  • Understand what the “summer” work study process involves
  • Request a “summer” work study award
  • Plan budgeting for “summer” work study
  • View an Insight report designed to display work study availability



Work Study Training and Summer Process (click title to begin enrollment)


May 5, 2014 (Monday), 3:00-4:30 PM – Student Services Center 150 (SSC 150)


Christina Linton, Advisor, Financial Aid & Scholarship Office


Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

Student Employment

Human Resources Service Center


Reminder: Please share with your supervisor, in advance, that you would like to attend this training to ensure their support and that operational needs permit.


If you need a disability-related accommodation or wheelchair access information, please contact Professional Development, phone 530-898-6771, or email a week in advance of the event.


For more information, e-mail or contact Human Resources Service Center - Professional Development, at (530) 898-6771.