Diversity 411 Special Edition: What Stands between us, February 20

What if people think I am racist? This question keeps many people from asking about the issues that divide groups of people both on our campus and in our community. People are afraid that what they say may be offensive so their simple solution is to stay quiet. We want to break this silence by addressing these specific questions. A study from Berkeley gathered questions from many different Diversity Conferences asking the questions people are afraid to ask. 

"What Stands Between Us" will ask questions in four different ways in order to get to the heart of the answer: from European Americans to People of Color, from European Americans to other European Americans, from People of Color to European Americans, and from People of Color to People of Color. This is a chance to have an open, honest and safe conversation about Race and the perception of Racism in our society. 

What we want from you is your opinion. Each person comes from different perspective and that perspective is what we want to see in this discussion. Let us hear your voice! Join us on Wednesday February 20, 2013 at 6 PM in the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center Meriam Library 172. 

For more information please contact us at (530) 898-4101 or cultural@csuchico.edu or visit or website www.csuchico.edu/cclc