Humanz vs Zombies

Student organization Humanz vs Zombies invites you all to join the 2013 Spring semester game.

The game will begin on March 4th and end  March 9th. Signups for the game will be the week prior: Feb 25th – March 1st located in the North Lobby of O’Connell.

This game is FREE to play.

Returning player should note the final mission will be held on Saturday.

Preceding the actual game, there will be a tie-dye event to color the bandanas used in the game. You can help tie-dye without playing the game, and you can play the game without going to the tie-dye event.The tie-dye event will take place Saturday February 23rd. The event will be located at Oakwood, 828 Nord Ave.

Our flyer can be found here:

This event is brought to you by Chicohvz. To find out more, visit our facebook at, or email us at