The AS GSEC presents “Is Tolerance Enough?”

The AS GSEC presents “Is Tolerance Enough?”

A three part series striving to celebrate gender diversity


(CHICO, Calif.) –

California State University’s Associated Students Gender and Sexuality Equity Center is proud to present the Is Tolerance Enough? Series in Bell Memorial Union 210 on Thursday, February 28th, April 11th and May 9th at 4 pm. The three workshops will range in topics from the difference between sex and gender, appropriate language, real life scenarios, and a panel including gender subversive individuals and allies.

The workshops will aim to challenge prescribed gender performance and “normalize” gender deviance. The workshops will also focus on the difference between sex, sexual identity/ orientation and gender identity. A focus of these workshops will be to recognize behavior that perpetuates negative views on gender performance

The AS Gender and Sexuality Equity Center is committed to creating an accepting environment for all individuals of marginalized groups. The AS GSEC acknowledges that gender is a spectrum; the gender binary currently in place is oppressive and limits the fluidity of gender performance.

The Associated Students Gender and Sexuality Equity Center (GSEC) is a student run activist organization, which strives to empower all students through its two programs: The Women's Program and the LGBTQ Program. The GSEC challenges societal norms that have been used to oppress and marginalize by providing opportunities for leadership, personal development, and referral services. We offer a safe and inclusive space where the campus and community can effectively support the academic mission of the university.


For further information, contact:

Christin Huckabee, Director