CEA (Collegiate Entrepreneurial Association) Meetings Thursdays

CEA (Collegiate Entrepreneurial Association) Thursdays @ 6pm in BMU 304

The Collegiate Entrepreneurial Association (CEA) is designed to inspire, motivate and educate the entrepreneurs of Chico State in order to create more opportunities for success. The organization's mission is to provide resources and networking opportunities necessary to foster entrepreneurship, enabling young professionals to launch their ideas by developing and executing new ventures. The CEA is an organization that has existed on the California State University Chico campus since 2003. It was established by a few inspired individuals who sought to foster the entrepreneurial spirit amongst the students who attend Chico State. CEA group meetings entail a candid give-and-take, where trusted peers and successful entrepreneurs ask each other tough, in-depth questions that get to the heart of any business problem. As part of these meetings, members receive direct and honest feedback, and derive actionable ideas they can implement immediately into their business.

For more info visit: www.chicocea.org