Students Given a Voice in Associated Students Election

Each April, the Associated Students invites its members to vote on matters relevant to the organization including the election of officers, the allocation of Revenue Sharing and any additional items as outlined in the Associated Students Bylaws.  All regularly enrolled students are considered members of the Associated Students and are thereby entitled to vote in this election. 

Traditionally members are asked to vote in the following three categories: 

Candidates:  There are 10 elected positions available each year.

Initiatives:  Ballot measures are questions posed to the membership.  The most common type is an advisory measure. This type of measure, if passed, encourages the Associated Students to make a change in policy or procedure. 

Revenue Sharing:  Students may select to allocate up to $15.00 of their Activity Fee to student organizations listed on the ballot.  Students may allocate $15.00 to one organization, $7.50 to two organizations or $5.00 to three organizations.

The spring election is held online and can be accessed via the Associated Students website, the CSU, Chico website or through a link sent to each student.  The 2013 election will be held beginning at 8am on April 16 through 5pm on April 18. 

If you would like any additional information about the election process, candidates, Revenue Sharing or about sponsoring an advisory measure please contact the AS Government Affairs office. 

Associated Students Government Affairs Office

BMU 203