Why Visit The Library? Here's Why!

If you haven’t been to Meriam Library recently, now is the time.  The fourth floor is loaded with open group study spaces, including tables with large displays, perfect for collaborative work using your laptops or tablets (Mac/iOS users can checkout adapters at main circulation on the first floor).  New tables throughout the library have built-in power outlets so you don’t have to run home to charge your device.  We have excellent Wi-Fi coverage on every floor.  If you need assistance with an assignment we have a staffed reference desk on the second floor and great online online help at http://libanswers.csuchico.edu.  You can find our full hours online at http://libcal.csuchico.edu/hours.  We even have coffee and snack vending machines in the Laptop Lounge on the first floor.

For more information visit the Library ReSEARCH Station:  http://www.csuchico.edu/library