Zero Waste Internship Available with AS Sustainability

The Zero Waste Team at AS Sustainability is searching for passionate individuals that wants to create changes on campus.  If you’re interested in improving recycling, composting, energy conservation, water issues, or any other environmental issues, this program will be perfect for you!  It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, learn more about sustainability, build your resume, and develop professional skills.

Internships available for Spring Semester can be for 2, or 3 units in a very diverse range of projects. Unit credit can be from our program or within your major.  We have opportunities for every major and every sustainability-related topic.


Other teams you can apply for:

-       Education & Outreach Team

-       Dining Consulting Team

-       Compost & Garden Assistant


Applications are available in BMU 301.  Deadline to apply is Monday, February 11th.

Contact Info:

Bret at

(530) 898-6677

Also don’t forget to join us on Facebook and check out our  Sustainability Calendar at to find out about all the campus and community sustainability related events happening in our area!