WILD CAT’N OUT Information Session. MARCH 13

Yo momma is so old, she needs you to make sure you stand up for her. How can you do that? Start brushing up on any episodes on Wild’n Out and Who’s Line is it Anyways, because a new and improved improv show is coming to the 530. Get ready for WILD CAT”N OUT. Chico States new entertainment at scheduled to take place in Common Grounds on April 19, 2013 @6-8Pm. Come supports your friends and have a couple laughs on them!

Curious about these shows and want to watch an episode? Would you like to be on one of the teams battling head to head? If so, stop by the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center MILB 172 on March 28th @ 12PM-1PM for more information. Any more questions feel free to call 530.898.4101 or email us at cultural@csuchico.edu