Cesar Chavez Rally, March 24 and 26

Join the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center (CCLC) in taking a STAND for the RESPECTFUL celebration of the work and legacy of Cesar Chavez. Unfortunately, during the Cesar Chavez holiday many individuals engage in behaviors that are disrespectful towards the Latino/a community by wearing racial costumes, uninformed remarks, and parties hosted throughout the weekend.

We believe in creating an inclusive environment where everyone is respected, during this holiday.  The CCLC proposes to take a stand against the disrespect that is happening on this day by hosting an Action Rally in honor of Cesar Chavez. On Tuesday, March 26th in Trinity Commons from 11am to 2pm.  

Rally prep will occur All Day Monday, March 25th in MILB 172.  Poster making supplies will be provided and all participants are encouraged to bring an old, plain T-Shirt to prepare.  Limited T-Shirts will be available. If you can’t come to the rally you can still prepare a T-Shirt to wear during the day to visibly show your support in the classroom and on campus.

Please come show your support for the various organizations and people who want to support Cesar Chavez day through service and action and take a STAND against disrespectful celebrations.  For more information please feel free to contact the CCLC, located in Meriam Library 172, email us at cultural@csuchico.edu you can call us (530) 898-4101 or go to our website www.csuchico.edu/cclc