Creating Yourgasm: Training Mind and Body for Sexcellence March 6

Please join Amy Luna Manderino in Ayers 106 on March 6, Wednesday at 12:00pm for Creating Yourgasm: Training Mind and Body for Sexcellence.

Sex is a learned behavior. And much of what we learn about sex can leave us misinformed and ... unsatisfied. But recent advancements in technology and revolutionary studies have made it possible to unlock the secrets of our pleasure zones. Both men and women possess similar active, muscular, erectile genitalia that perform best when trained and maintained. In this respect, sex is much like any other physical activity. Learn how to overcome the physical and psychological hurdles to a fulfilling sexuality and what habits and "sexercises" will give you the confidence and capacity to create your own sexual ecstasy.

Contact the Department of Health and Community Services at 530.898.6661 for more information.