How to manage your career when you have absolutely no idea, April 2

Navigating your career can be an arduous process. Additionally, many new professionals in higher education don’t have a clear understanding of what it is they wish to do nor do they have a clear path on how to achieve their respective goals.  Individuals attending this workshop will have a better understanding of the following: choosing a mentor that has your best interest in mind, networking and flexibility, and understanding/appreciating what is needed for your current and future positions, institutional culture and the role it plays in your career success. While you are all products of your past, you are also the architects of your future. So be strategic in your design.

Join the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center for our Passing on the Legacy Higher Education Series as we hear more about this topic from Dr. Pedro Douglas on April 2nd @ 12PM-1PM in BMU 210. For more information please contact us at (530) 898-4101 or visit our website at