Lucky you, its a Stockdog meeting!

Who: CSU, Chico Stockdog Association

What: March Association Meeting

When: MONDAY, March 11th at 5pm

Where: CSU, Chico University Farm Classrooms

Why: The CSU, Chico Stockdog Association is a group of students with an interest in training and handling stockdogs. Members can be any Major and you do not have to have a dog to join. We have our own field at the University Farm which houses our 24 sheep that we work twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5pm. On Wednesdays at 6pm, our Training Advisor Colleen Duncan comes to help the students and dogs progress.

At this upcoming meeting we will have a fun and yummy activity for everyone, discuss our April Cattle Dog Clinic, start work on our Club of the Year application and scrapbook, and much more!!!  Food & drinks will be provided.

How: To be a member, you need to fill out a membership application and turn in dues of $20 for the Spring Semester. If you have a dog you are interested in working and training, you must have proof of Parvo/Distemper and Rabies vaccinations before the dog can be allowed on the field.

If you need a ride, let us know & we'll help you arrange one!

For more information, contact us at Membership applications and more information are available online at: Check us out on Facebook at: