Internship Opportunities in China with CRCC Asia

Interested in gaining international work experience and building your post-graduation job prospects? Consider spending time interning in China!

Come join us on Wednesday, April 24th at 3:30pm in the Career Center, SSC 270 as CRCC Asia visits Chico State to introduce you to their opportunities in Beijing, Hainan and Shanghai.

CRCC Asia’s Award Winning China Internship Program provides one, two, or three month internships in Beijing, Hainan and Shanghai. Fluent English is the only language requirement and there is a program start date each month of the year.

We work with over 400 companies in China, offering a wide range of placements across various industries including Finance, Hospitlaity,  Law, Marketing/PR, Engineering, Green Tech, International Business, Pharmaceuticals, NGOs and many more.

You can find more information about CRCC Asia through our website  or email us at We hope to see you in China soon!