Women's Body Week Update

This Thursday April 25, we will have Thriving Together Thursday: A day exploring friendships among women, with a focus on how we approach the topic of the body. Women face many societal pressures to adhere to a specific look and many don't feel like they live up to this unrealistic standard.

Open Discussion about friendships between women, and the damage of slut shaming/victim blaming. 6:00pm-7:00pm CCLC (MLIB 170).

Freaky Friday: A day to encourage women of all sexualities to overcome the pressures of society and embrace their bodies and their sexuality!!

Carol Queen, Ph.D in Sexology. Writer, speaker, educator, activist.

Sex-Positivity and Sexual Empowerment for LGBTQ Women (and everybody else) BMU 210 6:00pm-8:00pm

Questions? Contact GSEC at (530) 898-5724, email asgsec.wom@csuchico.edu, or stop by the office in BMU 005!