Just a few spots left for FitU Spring 2014

If you want to improve your health and are tired of diet foods, diet pills, and regimented exercise schemes, then FitU is just for you!

Unlike other fitness programs, FitU is a campus program that is not diet based and does not prescribe standard exercise plans. Instead, over an 8-10 week period you will attend individualized appointments with nutrition and exercise mentors who can help you attain a healthy, balanced relationship with food and physical activity that can be maintained long-term.

Exercise mentors help you overcome barriers to maintaining an enjoyable activity program while nutrition mentors work with you on becoming a more mindful eater.

Whether you’re interested in shedding the yo-yo diet syndrome, being more physically active, preventing illness or simply feeling better in your skin, FitU can help.

The program cost is $50 with a $25 refund upon program completion. There are limited spaces each semester so please sign up early to reserve your spot! (Must be a Chico State student to join.)

For more <http://www.csuchico.edu/fitu> information or to sign up, go to the FitU web site www.csuchico.edu/fitu or email fitu@csuchico.edu <fitu@csuchico.edu> or call 530-898-3988.

All participants are welcome. If you need disability related accommodations please call 530-898-3988.