All Together Now Project

The CSU, Chico Interdisciplinary Center on Aging invites you to take part in an exciting project to honor the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement and narrow the generation gap through story and dialogue. Through Storied Sessions led by experienced facilitators from the Center for Digital Storytelling, the All Together Now project records the stories of individuals--particularly senior citizens who know firsthand of earlier struggles for civil and human rights and youth standing today for equality, justice, and opportunity. You will have an opportunity to share one of your stories of taking action for civil and human rights, or the impact of that legacy on your life. The end result will potentially be hundreds of stories sharing and enlivening our collective legacy of civil and human rights.

The Chico Storied Session will be held on Saturday, March 29, 2014 from 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM at Country Village Care. The workshop can only accommodate 12 individuals and we are hoping to have 6 older adults and 6 youth participate in this workshop. If you are interested please submit the application at

For more information, please contact Celeste Jones at