Japanese Animation Club: Art Contest, Origami Night

As a reminder for those of you participating in the T-Shirt Art Contest all digital submissions are due TODAY, as last night's physical submissions have been due last night during the club meeting.  Results and audience vote, if any, will be revealed during our Thursday meeting THIS WEEK sometime between 7:00pm to 7:30pm after our regular showing.  T-shirt pre-orders will occur after the results have come forward, so be sure to bring $15 for your shirt!  
As of last week, we've limited to two episodes of Mushishi for Thursdays, so we may or may not complete the series.
Also, for our bi-weekly event this Thursday, besides T-shirt voting and results is Origami Workshop Night, which will occur after T-shirt voting, so be sure to look forward to it this week!  All abilities are welcome.