Union Label and KCSC Presents: Dance Gavin Dance

Union Label and KCSC Radio present:
Dance Gavin Dance
Icarus the Owl
Clouds on Stings
March 28th, 2014
$5 Students
$12/$15 General Public
Tickets available at University Box Office

Dance Gavin Dance is a post-hardcore band formed in Sacramento, California in 2005. Dance Gavin Dance incorporates many different musical genres into their palette, such as screamo, funk, and soul on top of its post-hardcore sound. Icarus The Owl is an alternative rock band from Portland, Oregon, formed in 2009. The band is known for their frequent time signature changes and tap-guitar lines in otherwise sing-along pop songs. Clouds on Strings is a progressive rock band from Chico, California. The band is known for their unique style, instrumentation, and use of odd time signatures. Unsigned, Clouds on Strings has made a huge impact on the local Chico music scene, and has made a name for themselves as a leader in the music community.