Celebrate Chico's ocean full of fossils: The Chico Formation

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Dr. Todd Greene and Dr. Russell Shapiro

Geological and Environmental Sciences


Chico may be famous for a lot of things, but what really put Chico on the map occurred between 88 and 80 million years ago! Since 1869, geologists reported on Chico's magnificent fossils in rocks exposed along our creeks and neighboring hills, now formally named the Chico Formation. Discover how fossils and rocks can help you reconstruct the geography of our home during the time of the Chico Formation. Design your own animal based on the remains of Chico-type fossils, explore sand-sized skeletons of microorganisms that lived long ago, or see how sea-dwelling ammonites evolved through the ages. Finally, try to stump the paleontologist by bringing in your own fossil. 


Celebrate the Chico Formation by discovering what made our town geologically famous!



When:  Saturday, April 12th, 1pm - 3pm

Location: Next to Bidwell Mansion at 625 the Esplanade, north campus.

Museum admission:  $6 for adults; $3 for children and students; FREE to members and children under 3.