Learn how to facilitate effective meetings within your organization. Tuesday, April 29

Join the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center and Student Life and Leadership  on Tuesday, April 29 @ 5:30PM in MLIB 172 for the workshop on “Facilitating Effective Meetings,” which is apart of the Multicultural Leadership Series designed to prepare emerging leaders within multicultural organizations to successfully transition into positions of leadership.


There are two critical elements that student leaders must learn In order to effectively fulfill the mission and goals of their. Organization. The first thing is to learn how to facilitate effective meetings so that ideas become a reality and all members of an organization are empowered to contribute to its second. The second thing is to learn how to navigate conflict that can occur within organizations. This workshop is designed to provide student leaders with the resources and information that will help them successfully accomplish these two goals. 


For more information please contact the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center at (530) 898-4101 or cultural@csuchico.edu