Organic Vegetable Market!

Hey you gorgeous Wildcats! The students from the Organic Vegetable Project (OVP) want to invite you to our awesome markets. 


Our Wednesday market is from 11am to 2pm in the BMU. 

Our NEW MARKET is open Fridays 11am to 2pm on the OVP, which is found on the University Farm. If you've never made it out to the farm, here's your excuse!


Right now we have some lovely lettuce, kale, and the last of our broccoli. We also have fresh herbs, floral arrangements, wreathes, and smudge sticks to add some spring to your house/room/shack/whatever. Coming soon (REAL SOON) are vegetable starts for your garden. Come by and see us! 


Contact equick2@mail.csuchico with questions, concerns, or compliments.