Japanese Animation Club: T-Shirt Art Contest Finally concluded! Voting results coming this Thursday!

It has been weeks since the Art Contest has been concluded, so due to concerns of some of our artists, as well as our officers, we have decided to extend the deadline until yesterday where both submissions are due. If you have participated and still want to refine your piece, now it is the time to do so before voting begins Thursday evening. If you still want to participate within the Art Con test, please do come to the club meeting to help us vote on our new design! If you would like to pre-order your purchase a brand new shirt after voting results have been completed, please make sure you bring in $15 for your preorder.


For those of you who still need a reminder of where and when we meet, we meet at Holt 266 from 5:30 pm to approximately 9:00 pm. Voting begins at 7:30 pm. We hope to see you there!


Also, we have some discussion to introduce a leadership opportunity for those searching to pursue club leadership for our club. The date is undetermined, but we should let you know soon!



Diana Wei, Secretary

Japanese Animation Club

Email:  jac.csuchico@gmail.com
Facebook like page: https://www.facebook.com/chicojac