Love Every Body Week: Film, Dance Workshop and Keynote Speaker Regan Chastain

Embodied: Living the Health At Every Size Way Presents:


Tuesday 6pm: America the Beautiful film and Discussion (UHUB)

This movie discusses a full range of topics related to body image and eating disorders including: the modeling industry, plastic surgery, celebrity worship, Photoshop and airbrushed advertising, the thin ideal, the dieting industry and eating disorders. There will be a facilitated discussion after the film. 


Wednesday 3-4:30 pm: Regan Chastain Dance Workshop (WREC 250)
Wednesday 7-8:00 pm: Regan Chastain Keynote Speaker (Ayers 120)

Regan Chastain will speak about her own recovery from an eating disorder and the role of accepting and respecting diverse bodies in their prevention.  She is also an acclaimed dancer and will lead a dance workshop prior to her evening keynote. As a larger bodied woman in a role that is traditionally associated with smaller bodies, Regan provides her audiences with an opportunity to be mindful of their own weight biases and to challenge traditional notions of health and fitness.