Film: Anti-Semitism and Evolving Jewish Identity

The Peace Institute at CSUC in conjunction with The Chico Peace and Justice Center Middle East Working Group presents a free screening of a film on Jewish identity.


Tuesday, May 13, 7pm,
100th Monkey Café and Bookstore, 

642 W. 5th Street, Chico

The film is an examination of historical Christian views of Jews and Judaism.  Since Constantine’s empire in the 4th Century, European Jews experienced the religious intolerance of the dominant Christian culture in a variety of ways: forced conversion, exclusion, execution, humiliation, caricature, ghettoization, pogroms and genocide.  Little wonder, then, that 19th century European Zionists avowed the necessity of a state in which Jews could, finally, determine their own fate.  Yet, has the term “anti-semitism” taken on a life of its own?

This program is free and open to the public---discussion to follow.


For more information email Tom Imhoff at <> or

call 228-1344.