Win a limited edition bike from Alternative Transportation!!

Want to win a limited edition Chico State cruiser?!?!? Enter our video contest, but  it quickly because time is running out!!! Rules and information can be found here.

A little message from your Zingy Zipcar friends:

Getting out of town is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 when you use Zipcar!!! With Zipcar, there are only four simple steps between you and transportation freedom. 

  1. Join today at (save $10 on your 1st year membership)
  2. Reserve your Zipcar online (cars live right on campus and rates start $7.50/hr)
  3. Unlock the car (with your smartphone app!!!)
  4. Drive (wherever and whenever you please)

It’s that simple. That’s enough to get you out to the grocery store and back, or to a movie, or even around town for a few hours.

This semester, be the cool kid with the rad car.


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