Japanese Animation Club: Thursday weekly newsletter ~ Potluck BBQ with the Harry Potter Club

Happy Thursday all anime fans!

Last week's first week of club went quite well, and for those of you who wanted to participate last Thursday for the vote between Jojo's and Macross but were unable to, Macross wins for the semester.

As a reminder, we meet Mondays and Thursdays from 5:30 to about 9:00pm at Holt 352.

Also, this Saturday, as a reminder, we'll be having a Potluck picnic with the Harry Potter Club at One Mile, near Sycamore Pool. The HP club will be providing buns and hamburgers. The JAC will be providing utensils, plates, and napkins! Don't forget to bring food!

Macross Frontier ep 3 & 4
Workshop Overview and Discussion
Prez pick of the Day

Next Monday:
Prez Pick of the Day
Forums Discussion
Kawai Complex ep 5 & 6

See you all there tonight and this Saturday!

Diana Wei,


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