Asian/Pacific Heritage Week April 29 - May 2

Asian/Pacific Heritage Week is a weeklong program presented by the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center to start-off Asian Awareness Month of May as we celebrate and respect the Asian and Pacific-Islander culture and tradition. On April 29th to May 2nd, we will be bringing you various events to experience. It is a great opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to immerse themselves in a better understanding of the Asian and Pacific-Islander community. Join us and experience this wonderful celebration.

Monday (4/29):

Asian/Pacific Organization Fair

11-1pm @ Trinity Commons.

Tuesday (4/30):

Cultural Arts Day

11-1pm @ MLIB 172 (CCLC)

Wednesday (5/1):

Diversity 411: False Perceptions of Asian Today

12-1pm @MLIB 172 (CCLC)

Wednesday night (5/1):

Lantern Festival

7-8:30pm @ Trinity Commons

Thursday (5/2):

Artist Reception: Hiroshi Yakabi

6-8pm @ BMU 211

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For additional information please contact the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center at 530-898-4101 or email Larly Lee at