Cesar Chavez Day Safety Outreach Booths

In honor of a safe, respectful and appropriate celebration of Cesar Chavez Remembrance Day the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center along with many generous campus partners will be providing Safety Outreach Booths on the Cesar Chavez Holiday, Monday, March 31 from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM.  Stop by the Safety Outreach Booths for:

- FREE Water for Hydration!
- Safety and Wellness Tips
- FREE Pizza while it lasts at Station #1

The stations will be at the following locations:

1) In front of the Student Services Center - 2nd and Ivy

2) Phi Delta Theta Chapter House - 3rd and Ivy

3) Phi Kappa Tau Chapter House - 5th and Hazel

4) Sigma Nu Chapter House - 8th and Hazel

5) Theta Chi - 5th and Ivy

CADEC wishes to thank our many wonderful campus partners for their generous support:  Associated Students, Gamma Zeta Alpha - Amador "Nico" Martinez, Students Against Violence Everywhere, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Nu, Theta Chi and Student Life and Leadership.

For more information please contact the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center at 530.898.6450, cadec@csuchico.edu or www.csuchico.edu/cadec