Clothes for Crisis Donation Drive

Clothes for Crisis is a collaborative program between students from Health & Community Services 471 and Rape Crisis Intervention and Prevention that benefits survivors of sexual assault.  Many people are not aware that when a survivor goes to the hospital after a sexual assault, their clothing may be taken from them as evidence, often leaving them with only their hospital gown to wear on their way back home.  We are collecting clothing and monetary donations to create care packages for survivors to make sure they never have to return home unclothed.

Acceptable donations include:

-new or lightly worn gender neutral, non-descript clothing items (shirts, pants, sweats)

-new or lightly worn shoes (sneakers, sandals, slippers)

-new and unused toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes

-small individually packaged snack bars

Donations will be accepted from April 7- May 8 at these donation sites:

-Butte Hall, Room 607

-Rape Crisis, 2889 Cohasset Road

Contact Information:

For more information about our program, contact Holly Nevarez at /(530) 898-5013, and search for "Clothes for Crisis" on Facebook. Tabling events on 4/30 & 5/1 10AM- 2PM

To learn more about Rape Crisis, visit their website at