Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion (CODI)

October 22, BMU 210

NOON-1:00 PM

Sign of the Times: Deaf Education & Sign Language Interpreters

Facilitated by Adele Harth and Cathy Carey - Accessibility Resource Center

Is Sign Language Universal? Is it English? What’s it like interpreting various majors, from Animation to Zoology, Engineering to Philosophy? Is the education that Deaf students see (via a sign language interpreter) the same as, or different than their Hearing peers hear? Is it equitable? This and more will be covered in “Sign of the Times: Deaf Education and Sign Language Interpreters. ” Bring your lunch and join us! For more information,

contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at 898-4764.


November 12, BMU 210

NOON-1:00 PM

Cultural Dialogues: Experiences of Chinese International Students at CSU, Chico

Facilitated by Internationalization Faculty Staff Task Force


December 3, BMU 210

NOON-1:00 PM

Boots to Books: A Conversation on Veteran Cultures and Experiences

Facilitated by Chico State Student Veteran Organization