NPR's Money Talk featuring Planet Money is coming to Laxson!

Chico Performances invites you to Laxson Auditorium at CSU, Chico to learn a little about money matters with NPR’s own Planet Money.

This performance is on Friday, October 28 at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are still available.

The hosts of Planet Money keeps their hand on the pulse of the economy, in an economic climate that changes minute by minute.  Using terms that the everyday Joe can understand, the LIBOR and TED spread are metaphorically explained as carnival games and pizza. Whatever is happening out there – the price of commercial paper, the U.S.’s falling housing market or the decreasing availability of sawdust for composting toilets–Planet Money’s Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson always say what is on their minds, in a way that is both entertaining and accessible. 

This performance is co-sponsored by the College of Business at CSU, Chico and by KCHO/KFPR NPR Radio.

Tickets for this performance are $25 Premium, $20 Adult, $18 Senior and $12 Student/Child.  Tickets are available by phone (530-898-6333), walk up at the University Box Office (corner of 2nd St. & Normal Ave.) or by clicking here.

More information, audio and video clips are available at