'Creation Stories' Opens Tonight in Wismer Theatre!

Chico State’s School of the Arts presents “Creation Stories,” a play based on an original script and production that bridges the gap between Science and Spirit through theatre, dance, comedy, sound and atmosphere.

Staged March 4-8 and 11-13 at 7:30 p.m. and March 9 at 2 p.m. in Wismer Theatre, “Creation Stories” promises to be a stimulating conversation between the actors and audiences on where and how it all began.

“It’s so much fun to look at how different cultures explain how the world came to be,” said Sue Hargrave Pate, director, and co-creator — along with fellow Department of Music and Theatre faculty member Katie Whitlock — of the show. “Don't we all want to know how we got here?”

“Creation Stories” is about the creation of Earth and Man through a combination of abstract, serious and comical physical theatre. A variety of different cultures are represented in the play, with myths rooted in Ethiopian, Norse, Maidu, Polynesian, Aztec, Christian, Hindu, Maori, Aboriginal, Egyptian, Zoroastrian and Taoist traditions making up the short movement pieces of the production.

Purchase tickets at the University Box Office, x6333.

More information: http://www.schoolofthearts-csuchico.com/press/creationstoriespr.shtml