Center for Ecosystem Research Seminar-- noon Friday April 27

The Center for Ecosystem Research (CER) invites you to join a Brown Bag Lunch Seminar.

Dr. Dean Fairbanks, Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning, will present “Natural Resource Management Using Agent-Based Modeling”.

Friday April 27, 2012 from 12:00-1:30 in Holt Hall Room 157.

Dr. Fairbanks will discuss two case studies being developed in Butte County using Agent-based models (ABMs): 1) an investigation of potential land-use change and its impacts on the endangered species identified in the draft Butte Habitat Conservation Plan, and 2) exploration of the intersection between land-use decisions, water availability and use,agriculture, climate change, and development pressure in the Sacramento River Valley.

To analyze environmental problems we must use very long-term objectives to guide the pathways of development, which inevitably is based on scenarios. ABMs combined with stakeholder involvement and GIS are a promising new methodology in land-usechange impact studies to simulate the interaction between groups of people and common resources. Come learn how ABM scenarios allow us to understand the processes that unfold at the local level, which manifests itself as geospatial pattern at the macro level of the landscape.

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