Focus Group with free food

Have you ever had a bad job? If you could take an assessment that would determine what company would be the best match for you so that you wouldn't experience a bad job again...would you? 



My name is Blanca, a marketing student at Chico State, and I am conducting a focus group for my marketing internship


The focus group will consist of other Chico State students with the same goal in mind...FIND A JOB AFTER GRADUATION! (all class levels welcome!)

The Focus Group

The participant will take a 100 question assessment individually (10-15 min. process) and after discuss it with the group in a Q&A session lead by myself. This product determines how culturally fit you are with a company. Basically, it matches you with a company that aligns your values with theirs #PerfectEmployer. All we are looking for is feedback on the assessment.

Perks of Participation

  • FREE Food
  • FREE Assessment
  • Use the assessment to for your future benefit!
  • Knowledge about the current job market

The end goal is to integrate the product with other Chico State students to make the process of job hunting easier!

Time & Date will be based on participants’ availability



If you would like to participate or have any questions and would like more information, please send an email to


Blanca Ramirez |