Hanukkah Party and Hebrew With Chico Hillel/Jewish Student Union

Shalom Wildcats!


Chico Hillel/Jewish Student Union would like to invite you to our weekly meeting Thursday, December 3rd at 6:30PM. We will be serving free Woodstocks Pizza to support their fundraiser that is taking place from 6-9pm. The money goes to support our Chico students volunteer in Israel over winter break!!! Make sure to mention Chico Hillel if you want to buy some pizza for you or your friends!


We are also looking excited for our Hanukkah party on Thursday, December 10th. Come enjoy some delicious food, live music, gift exchanges and more! More info is soon to come on our Facebook page! 


As final week approaches us and our stress level rises, feel free to stop by the Chico Hillel office to relax and de-stress with coloring books, bagels, and more on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 8th and 9th!


And while you are thinking about next semester's classes, remember that Chico State offers Hebrew! This fun 4unit class is a great way to satisfy your GE's and is in the Global Cultures Pathway!  


We are excited to see you soon!  


We are located on the courtyard behind Celestino's at 101 Salem St. Suite 160

Questions? Contact us at chicohillel@gmail.com or on Facebook